Books & Movies


Many libraries have a movie night or event with their young patrons, but how about involving books in the evening? Start a book club at your library, and use a adaptations as your focus one “semester.” Every couple weeks, read a book, and when the group gets together, first they discuss the title, how they liked it, recurrent themes, what it made them feel, and at the end of the discussion, have a movie planned of the title they all discussed. It is a great idea for homeschooled kids, or kids who stay after school. Make that time into a social book talk/movie watching time, and perhaps provide snacks or food.

The site Teach Beside Me, lists 100 kids books made into movies. Get the homeshoolers involved, the after school kids, the gifted kids who want to read more outside of their classes. Tell the local teachers that you will have this program available and they can tell their students. (Maybe even earn a little extra credit!) Use the book talk to discuss about empathy, mindfulness, independence, anything that goes along with the title you’re discussing.



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