4 Main Goals


There are 4 main goals we hope participants achieve in bibliotherapy:

  1. To improve the capacity to respond by stimulating and enriching mental images and concepts and by helping the feelings about these images to surface.
  2. To increase self understanding by healing individuals value their own person-hood and become more knowledgeable and more accurate about self-perceptions.
  3. To increase awareness of interpersonal relationships.
  4. To improve reality orientation (Hynes & Hynes-Berry, 1994).

After a session or a number of sessions, the librarian hopes the individuals will feel stronger in regards to the situation or emotional state in question. Not only does reading the text and talking about it empower the child, it will give them a better understanding of themselves, it gives them options of how to deal with the situation or set of emotions, it gives them validation for another being understanding their plight, and lastly, their meaningful response only increases their self-esteem.

Over the next few days, I will examine these goals individually and pick apart what we as facilitators can do to aid the participants in achieving them.



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