Intellectual Development



We must begin by recognizing that intellectual development is an emotional need for some intellectually gifted people, especially the highly gifted (Halsted, 2009).

The intense desire to read, to explore topics in depth, to learn and learn, and learn some more is a real, breathing need for some gifted people. Those with intellectual overexcitability feel an almost desperation to pursue knowledge in all forms. They find a topic or a range of topics and read everything on it they can. It is an emotional desirethat can be physically felt. “[Pursuing intellectual stimulation] is not work for them; [it is a pathway] to being fully alive (Halsted, 2009).”

The motivation behind this incessant need to learn and discover is rooted in exploring the unknown. These seekers are pulling away the layers of darkness to find whatever light is there – and as I named this site “The Questing Child,” they are on a quest to learn and understand all that is around them. It drives them (Halsted, 2009).

But the identity of these kids are wrapped up in this lifetime activity. It gives them purpose, self-worth, and makes them feel confident. Taking away the desire to learn can only harm these children, making them question all that they feel as real and necessary. Supporting and enabling their thirst for knowledge will empower them.

When encountering a child with a desire to learn all they can on a subject, give them all the resources you can find, and in all mediums. If they are multi-modal learners, they will appreciate the various types of media: DVDs, graphic novels, books, CDs, worksheets, audio books, e-books, etc.



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