Research Journal IV


Articles I’ve found on gifted teachers professional development:

  • Baudson, T. t., & Preckel, F. (2016). Teachers’ Conceptions of Gifted and Average-Ability Students on Achievement-Relevant Dimensions. Gifted Child Quarterly, 60(3), 212-225.
  •  Benny, N., & Blonder, R. (2016). Factors That Promote/Inhibit Teaching Gifted Students in a Regular Class: Results from a Professional Development Program for Chemistry Teachers. Education Research International, 1. doi:10.1155/2016/2742905
  • Kaplan, S. s., & Hertzog, N. B. (2016). Pedagogy for Early Childhood Gifted Education. Gifted Child Today, 39(3), 134-139.
  • Bondarchuk, O., & Dovgan, N. (2013). DEVELOPMENT OF PSYCHOLOGICAL READINESS TO WORK WITH GIFTED CHILDREN FOR PRESCHOOL INSTITUTION TEACHERS. Social Welfare Interdisciplinary Approach, 3(1), 56-65.
  • Croft, L. (2015). Rural teachers of the gifted: The importance of professional development. In T. Stambaugh, S. M. Wood, T. Stambaugh, S. M. Wood (Eds.) , Serving gifted students in rural settings (pp. 341-362). Waco, TX, US: Prufrock Press.



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