Research Journal V


In asking the question, How do we educate parents, teachers, counselors, and librarians on the need for using bibliotherapy resources in the classroom and at home to help with students’ (and gifted students) relevant hardships and emotional issues?, I think that we need to talk about the first meeting between the participants.

The first week that the group would meet, they will talk about themselves, what they teach/do, and what institution they are from. Next, they will all go around the room and tell what book impacted them as a child, and why. There will be a brief introduction to what we will try to accomplish with bibliotherapy practices, what is actually is, and give them resources to read on their own as reference. Finally, everyone will brainstorm about what topics most affect kids in their schools (divorce, bullying, LGBT issues) and the group will come up with the first five topics to explore, in order. The librarian will already have chosen the first topic (perhaps bullying) and decided upon a text that the entire group will check out and read before the next meeting. The five topics will start from the top after that next meeting.





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