Research Journal X


Ideas for the librarians, public or school, to use bibliotherapy resources in their library. These can be discussed in the workshop held at the public library.

  1. Make a card box of emotions, index cards. Ask “how do you feel?” on each emotion card. Put book or books (codes but age, type picture, chapter, etc.) that they can look up to help them feel better or celebrate their emotions.
  2. Make an online app like poetry forum’s that spins and gives them a poem or book suggestion. This can link to e-books or where they can check it out online, info about author, etc.
  3. Ask a librarian recommendations – called something like, “the book doctor is in” where you can anonymously email librarians about problems and they provide you with a small list of fiction/plays/poetry/film to help you cope, get over, deal with emotions.

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