Dr. Gallagher’s Concern for Gifted Learners Beyond Academics


Siegle, D. (2015). Dr. James Gallagher’s Concern for Gifted Learners Beyond Academics. Journal for the Education of the Gifted, 38(1), 58-63.

In Dr. Gallagher’s Concern for Gifted Learners Beyond Academics by Del Siegle, the author wrote an examination on Gallagher’s message to America about gifted children. He stressed that he was worried that the country was leaving the best and brightest behind, and although the United States wanted to win the war in academics, they were not willing to invest in its most gifted population. He feared that in their quest to be academically egalitarian, they were passing up an opportunity to hone the skills of those who could be an “intellectual resource” for the country.

Gallagher was also concerned with the emotional aspects of being gifted. He did research on social issues and friendship, which found out that the gifted have social difficulty. He stressed that these children should have the opportunity to work with others who have similar abilities. He also found that by placing high ability learners in a gifted class, the parents were more understanding of their shortcomings.

Gallagher stressed that teachers need to be trained in recognizing and dealing with twice-exceptional students. He thought that if the gifted education community created a support system much like the special education community has, it would help implement curriculum and make standard the tools to use to aid the students. But most of all, the best thing for a accelerated learner is a teacher who is invested in their intellectual and emotional lives.



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