The Purposes of Bibliotherapy


According to Bibliotherapy with Young People: Librarians and Mental Health Professionals Working Together by Beth Doll and Carol Doll, the purposes of bibliotherapy are as follows:

  1. Foster insight and self-understanding among the children and youth who read.
  2. Triggers an emotional catharsis in the children with which they work.
  3. Literature and film can assist children and adolescents with solving their day-today problems, helping them cope with change.
  4. This catharsis, insight, and assistance with problem solving will cause young people to change the ways in which they interact with or behave toward other people.
  5. Promoting effective and satisfying relationships with other people.
  6. Acting as a source of information for youth when they face specific problems that set them apart from their peers.
  7. Enjoyment. Reading is fun, and kids enjoy it.

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