Research Journal XXII


My topic is reducing burnout in teachers. Perhaps I should be studying reducing burnout in graduate students. There is five weeks and four classes left, and I have to admit this particular semester has done me in. I think the “Science” part of this “Library Science” degree overwhelms me and stretches my brain to it’s limits. I want so badly to be good at science, but truthfully I’m not the best.

I bring this up because I have been working on this idea, this workshop for gifted professionals, for about a year and a half. I have a bit of burnout on this idea as well, mainly because I don’t know what angles I’m missing, or how to look at it from another way. I’ve hashed and rehashed ways of making it a viable project to the point where I can’t possibly think of anything new, or so it feels that way.

I think to reduce the burnout in this particular graduate student, I need to read a few more articles in bibliotherapeutic practices to re-energize my enthusiasm and bring in new ideas from the ones who have come before. (And I admit it – I’m an article-junkie, I have about 30+ saved on my computer that I am dying to get into. It’s a lovely rabbit hole to fall in.)

Sigh. So at this point, at 5:32 a.m. when I write this, I make plans to read more in order to be able to write more; a delightful distraction from the paper I have to write an turn in and a hopeful refresher for my academic goals.


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