Research Journal XXIX


It has rained for the first time in about three months here. I don’t think I’m even rounding up – It was at least two and a half months. Last night I just sat in my living room and listened to it rain outside the window. Then after the kids went to bed I went outside and stood on the porch just to inhale the moisture in the air. It was truly divine.

Perhaps this doesn’t have much to do with my project for research methods, but what I’m trying to get at is that this semester is coming to a close, and I am beginning to feel the moisture in the air. Completing the conference proposal is cathartic, and I am happy to put a cap on the journals this week. I am beginning to feel the semester close, and since most of 2016 has been a trainwreck, mentally and physically for me, this class is an accomplishment, and the rounding out of my plans for bibliotherapy and its uses with gifted educators has been a (organized) coup.

I am very thankful to have completed this process and used an idea which has sat so long in my mind unrealized, and giving it an outline and walking through the process has been wonderful.




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