Connecting libraries and gifted children through bibliotherapy resources and parent/teacher education.

The gifted and talented child is a child often misunderstood. Teachers and parents assume that because they are advanced intellectually that they can make their own way, which is often untrue. These children have great emotional needs, and if librarians educate themselves and assist these precocious and seeking children through bibliotherapy and intellectual support, they will influence them to become their brightest selves. To aid the teachers and parents understand what to do to help their students, the public library can take a role in educating the educators, introducing bibliotherapy resources and explaining the needs an advanced child demands.

The library is a safe place, a place for advancement. This website will aim to encourage librarians, counselors, educators, and parents of gifted children to fill in the gaps by using their school or public library. It will showcase books, reviews of bibliotherapeutic materials, program ideas, information about and resources for giftedness, writing and art prompts, and vocabulary lessons.