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Teachers and Mental Health

In October, The Atlantic wrote about the increased need for mental health training  in the classroom. This need is why I believe a tool like bibliotherapy can be used to gently approach developmental issues children face. 


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Research Journal XXX

  I keep starting this final journal entry and stopping it because every idea I have about this project I have to think to myself, “wait, did I already talk about this?” After thirty entries, I cannot remember. Wonderful things which have come out of this research methods class: Organized thoughts about the process of…

Research Journal XXIX

It has rained for the first time in about three months here. I don’t think I’m even rounding up – It was at least two and a half months. Last night I just sat in my living room and listened to it rain outside the window. Then after the kids went to bed I went…

Research Journal XXVIII

One of the interesting thing about the project I’m working on, is that there never seems to be an end to my database building. The topics, literature and resources appear to be endless. This is both thrilling and daunting. Thankfully I have another year of school to build upon what I have done and will…


Do you have children who battle anxiety? Try these titles.

Research Journal XXVII

In the workshop, perhaps the participants can talk about Dabrowski’s Overexcitabilities (OEs) and how to address them in a bibliotherapeutic way. If the school librarians and counselors are not familiar with this term, literature can be provided on what OEs are, and it can be suggested that they give their students the Overexcitability Questionnaire (OEQ)…

Research Journal XXVI

Another reason I think the group meeting together to learn about bibliotherapy should be diverse is the results of this past election. Everyone seemed to think that things were going one way, but they went another. Everyone discounted a large group of the population when they were very clearly screaming that they were not being…

Founding Fathers and Mothers of Giftedness

Perhaps you are interested in the theories and history of gifted education. Below are the trailblazers of the field, and their particular focus. Lewis M. Terman – The beginning of giftedness Leta S. Hollingsworth – High ability Ruth Strang – Parents of gifted children Virgil S. Ward – Philosophy of giftedness Donald C. Smith –…