Titles for Lower Grade Students (PreK-Grade 4)

  1. Akbarpour, Ahmad. Good Night, Commander. Illus. by Morteza Zahedi. Groundwood Books, 2010.
  2. Best, Cari. Goose’s Story. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2002.
  3. Buron, Kari Dunn. When My Worries Get Too Big! A Relaxation Book for CHildren Who Live With Anxiety. Autism Asperger Publishing Company, 2013.
  4. Cheetam, Stephen. Off to the Park! Child’s Play International, 2014.
  5. Cook. Julia. Wilma Jean the Worry Machine. Illus. by Anita Dufalla. National Center for Youth Issues, 2012.
  6. Cottin, Menena. The Black Book of Colors. Walker & Company, 2010.
  7. Edwards, Becky. My Brother Sammy is Special. Illus. by David Armitage. Sky Pony Express, 2011.
  8. Elliot, Rebecca. Just Because. Illus. by Joe Mathieu. Random House Books for Young Readers, 1992.
  9. Ely, Lesley. Looking After Louis. Albert Whitman and Company, 2004.
  10. Finke, Beth. Hanni and Beth: Safe and Sound. Blue Marlin Publications. 2007.
  11. Gillespie, Cheryl. Tigger and Jasper’s New Home. 2017.
  12. Glenn, Sharlee Mullins. Keeping Up with Roo. Illus. by Dan Andreasen. Putnam Juvenile, 2004.
  13. Griffiths, Neil. Ringo the Flamingo. Red Robin, 2015.
  14. Harding, Jennie. Ellie Bean the Drama Queen: A Children’s Book About Sensory Processing Disorder. Illus. by Dave Padgett. Sensory World, 2011.
  15. Harold, Jill. Hip, Hop, Hooray for Brooklynn Bunny! Thinking Ink Press, 2017.
  16. Herrera, Juan Felipe. Featherless/Desplumado. Children’s Book Press, 2004.
  17. Hudson, Charlotte. Dan and Diesel. Red Fox, 2006.
  18. Hudson, Ella. Hudson Hates School. Lincoln Children’s Books, 2011.
  19. Kaster, Pam. Molly the Pony: A True Story. Louisiana State Press, 2008.
  20. Kates, Bobbi. We’re Different, We’re the Same.
  21. Lears, Laurie. Nathan’s Wish: A Story About Cerebral Palsy. Illus. by Stacey Schuett. Albert Whitman and Company, 2005.
  22. Lewis, Beverly. In Jessie’s Shoes. Illus. by Laura Nikiol.
  23. Lionni, Leo. Little Blue Little Yellow. HarperCollins, 1995.
  24. Millman, Isaac. Moses Goes to a Concert. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2002.
  25. Palacio, R.J. We’re All Wonders. Knopf, 2017.
  26. Palmer, Emily. Scrambled Heads: A Children’s Guide for Mental Health. PMM Group Ltd, 2016.
  27. Peete, Holly Robinson and Ryan Elizabeth Peete. My Brother Charlie. Illus. by Shane W. Evans. Scholastic Press, 2010.
  28. Safran, Sheri. Best Friends: A Pop-Up Book. Tango Books, 2011.
  29. Senisi, Ellen B. All Kinds of Friends, Even Green. Woodbine House, 2002.
  30. Shields, Gillian. Our Stripy Baby. Illus. by Paula Metcalf. MacMillian UK.
  31. Stryer, Andrea Stenn. Kami and the Yaks. Illus. by Bert Dodson. Bay Otter Press, 2007.
  32. Stuve-Bodeen, Stephanie. We’ll Paint the Octopus Red. Woodbine House, 1998.
  33. Thomas, Pat. Why am I so Tired? A First Look at Childhood Diabetes. Illus. by Leslie Harker. Barron’s Education Series, 2008.
  34. Thompson, Carol. Run! Child’s Play International, 2013.
  35. Turner, Debroah and Diana Mohler. How Willie Got His Wheels. Illus. by Rhonda McHugh. BowTie Press, 1998.
  36. Veenendal, Jennifer. Why Does Izzy Cover Her Ears? Dealing with Sensory Overload. Aapc Publishing, 2013.
  37. Walsh, Melanie. Isaac and His Amazing Asperger Superpowers! Candlewick Press, 2016.
  38. Willis, Jeanne. Mole’s Sunrise. Illus. by Sarah Fox-Davies. Candlewick, 2012.
  39. Willis, Jeanne and Tony Ross. Susan Laughs. Henry and Holt Company, 2000.

Titles for Middle and Upper Grade Students (Grades 5-12)

  1. Anderson, David K. Portal Through the Pond. Magical Scrivener Press, 2013.
  2. Barnard, Sara. A Quiet Kind of Thunder. Macmillian Children’s Books, 2017.
  3. Barr, Emily. The One Memory of Flora Banks. Penguin, 2017.
  4. Baskin, Nora Raliegh. Anything But Typical. Simon Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2009.
  5. Bell, A.A. Diamond Eyes. Voyager, 2010.
  6. Chand, Emily. Farsighted. Blue Crown Press, 2011.
  7. Chincoine, J.B. Blind Stitches. Straw Hill Publishing, 2014.
  8. Creedle, Laura. The Love Letters of Abeland and Lily. HMH Books for Young Readers, 2017.
  9. Draper, Sharon M. Out of My Mind. Atheneum Books for Young Readers of My Mind, 2010.
  10. Duyvis, Corrine. On the Edge of Gone. Amulet Books, 2016.
  11. Erskine, Kathryn. Mockingbird. Philomel Books, 2010.
  12. Gantos, Jack. Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key. HarperTrophy, 2001.
  13. Gardner, Whitney. You’re Welcome, Universe. Knopf, 2017.
  14. Gibson, Jennifer. Compass. Black Opal Books, 2013.
  15. Gibson, Jennifer. Sway. Black Opal Books, 2009.
  16. Gottlebsen, Tracey. Tremendaspie. Jajoza Publishing, 2011.
  17. Grimes, Shaunta. Viral Nation. Berkley, 2013.
  18. Henry, April. Girl, Stolen. Henry Holt and Company, 2010.
  19. Hernandez, Kristen. The Broken Music Box. CAS, 2012.
  20. Haddon, Mark. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. Vintage Contemporarie, 2003.
  21. Hayes, Ned. The Eagle Tree. Little A, 2016.
  22. Hoffman, Kevin. The Fifth Vertex. 2014.
  23. Holt, Kimberly Willis. My Louisiana Sky. Yearling, 2000.
  24. Kamata, Suzanne. Gadget Girl: The Art of Being Invisible. GemmaMedia, 2013.
  25. Lord, Cynthia. Rules. Scholastic Press, 2006.
  26. Lowry, Lois. Gathering Blue. Delacorte Press, 2000.
  27. Palacio, R.J. Wonder. Knopf, 2012.
  28. Picoult, Jodie. House Rules. Atria Books, 2010.
  29. Rawls, Wilson. Summer of the Monkeys. Yearling, 1998.
  30. Russell, Alexi Maxim. Trueman Bradley – Aspie Detective. Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2011.
  31. Sachar, Louis. Small Steps. Delacorte Books for Young Readers, 2006.
  32. Schneider, Robyn. The Beginning of Everything. Katherine Tegen, 2013.3
  33. Stork, Francisco X. Marcelo in the Read World. Arthur A. Levine Books, 2009.
  34. Thomas, Leah. Because You’ll Never Meet Me. Bloomsbury Childrne’s Books, 2015.
  35. Van Drannen. Wendel. The Running Dream. Knopf Books for Young Readers, 2011.
  36. Walters, A. Meredith. Reclaiming the Sand. 2014.
  37. Wilde, Jen. Queens of Geek. Swoon Reads, 2017